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it is mendatorarty to have the plagiarism free thesis for approval of the submission.In case of the thesis or dissertation submitted by students may reject due to plaged contains. We Support to the students to make their thesis plag free with less effort and also assist to improvise the documentation and frame the dissertation report as per the university manuscript.

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Synopsis Writing

The proposal or synopsis is the first and one of the most important documents that you will submit during your initial days as a PhD student. This is where you will justify the significance of the research that you want to undertake. The quality of the synopsis will determine whether your proposal will be accepted or rejected.

The key objective of Synopsis Writing is to convince the committee of the authenticity, sanctity and utility of the research that you want to undertake so that you can get a go ahead on the topic. The presentation in the writing should be made in such a way that the topic that you have selectednot only matches the area of research that you have selected but also seems to be very research worthy.A proposal paper not prepared and presented properly can result in all efforts of the researcher going in vain.

What you should cover in your synopsis

  • Introduction: To talk about the topic and its significance.
  • Research Questions: To talk about the aim and objectives of the research.
  • Literature review: That will talk about the existing literature on the topic that will be used during the course of the research.
  • Research Methodology: That will highlight the methodology that the researcher proposes to use.
  • Conclusion: To talk about the expectations from the project.
  • Timeline: That will highlight the expected time for each stage of the research work and the final submission.
  • Limitations: here the researcher will talk about the possible challenges or validity issues that might arise during the research and analysis stage.


Paper publication is one of the most significant and prime work taken by scholars to communicate their work worldwide. Its not an easy task to publish a paper in any journal. There are many issues related to paper publications like finding the target journal, knowing its time duration and impact factor. Few journals may take only few months to get published and may be available for free. Few paid journals may take years while few others may take only few months

In order to ease the work of scholars, we provide complete guidance for scholars to publish their work in high impact factor journals according to their domain. Here we have provided list of journals we work on. But we dont confine our work with this list. Our work has no limits, any journal you wish to publish, we can guide you

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  • Course Name : Ph.D. (Full Time/Part Time)
  • Duration : 3.2 Years
  • Certificate : Yes
  • Language : English


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