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MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. In theory these are two separate degrees, but in practice the two are usually treated as one. The degrees are the British equivalent of the American M.D. The basic or degree level qualification for a medical profession is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) which is of 5 & 1/2 years duration (including 1 year internship). Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (MBBChir, MBChB, BMBS, MBBS or variations thereof) are the two degrees awarded after a course in medicine and surgery at a university in the United Kingdom and other places following the British tradition, such as Australian, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Jamaican, South African, Pakistan and Indian medical schools.

Most of High school or 10+2 pass out from India are dreaming of getting a scholarship seat in a good governmental medical school at home or abroad by scoring high in the medical entrance examinations conducted by Ministry of Education.Those who fail to get a scholarship choose to study MBBS under self-support. However studying MBBS in the private medical colleges of home-country is very expensive. Therefore studying MBBS in abroad is undoubtedly a good choice for those who want to be a doctor in future. There are no capitation fees or donations to be paid to the universities.The cost of higher education in abroad is highly regulated and subsidized by the Ministry of Education (MOE). They are very reasonable in contrast to universities in other countries. The cost of living in China, Philippines, Mauritius, Ukraine, Russia & Germany is also relatively low compared with studying medicine in UK, US and other countries.Most physicians work within the public health care systems at hospitals and health centre's but in some countries it is common to open your own practice. The profession of being a physician is protected by a license issued by the state. What you as a foreign physician, need to do in order to receive a license in a new country depend on that country's bilateral agreements. In some parts of the world there is a shortage of physicians and the shift runs smoother while it may take several years in others.To become a physician you will have to study medicine for four and a half to six years. The competition for the seats is high as well as required grades in most countries. In order to qualify for the medical programme you need a completed senior secondary education.

The Medical Internship

After completed medical education and before you receive a full license to practice medicine as a physician, you need to participate in an internship programme which lasts from one to two years. If you study in a foreign country and aim to work in your home country it is possible to carry out your internship at home, which often qualifies you for a medical license in the country where you practice.

Learning About Different Health Systems

Studying abroad as a medical student, you will learn a considerable amount of information about patients' experiences under different legal healthcare structures. Given possible upcoming changes in the healthcare system, it could be additionally helpful to have experiences in practical clinical work overseas to better understand the context of the changes.

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  • Course Name : MBBS
  • Duration : 4 Years
  • Certificate : Yes
  • Language : English
Broadening Your Horizons

It sounds simple, but doing an internship overseas can provide a unique cultural understanding that affects your subsequent training. Residents surveyed in the above study stated that two years after completing an international clinical rotation, the experience continued to positively impact their awareness of cultural and socioeconomic factors and clinical and language skills.

The Medical Specialist

After completing your medical degree, you are free to pursue any number of specialties or go into the field of research. All specialties require between three and six years of additional training after your completed residency and obtained license. Specialization often involves an additional post graduate degree on top of your medical degree, in addition to on the job training at selected hospitals. As a future doctor, communication, observation and interaction will be the tools that help you become the best doctor. When studying at an international university with advance technologies & world class faculty you are exposed to different cultures, languages and people. This exposure gives you the confidence to interact with your patients regardless of their background. Part of being an effective doctor is about connecting with your patient. Being able to really listen and understand all the factors that may have contributed to their condition. Without being able to listen and create rapport with your patient, the patient will be less willing to speak. When you study abroad, you automatically learn how to adapt and overcome any social barriers.

Other Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad
1. Affordability - Many of the medical Universities we work with are more affordable than US and British medical Universities.
2. Better chance of getting accepted, Entrance requirements at the international medical universities we work with are less restrictive in comparison to universities back home.
3. International Recognition
4. Interactive, hands-on and well paced courses
5. World Class Infrastructure and relationships with local hospitals for clinical and practical part of studies
6. Safe, multi-cultural study environment with students from around the world
7. Independence and freedom to travel during long summer holidays
8. English language tuition, lectures and study material
9. Eastern Europe has become a popular destination for students from around the world who want to study medicine, with Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Latvia are also popular. In Asia, China and The Philippines are drawing the attention of international medical students.

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